bookbug is an online/digital book club where members read and review/discuss a book chosen for the month. bookbug was created by maple and vashti. reminder that there will be spoilers and triggers but i'll do my best to hide them (if i can)

the current and past read pages will use tooltips, as of writing this, I'm trying to figure out accessibility and tooltips is difficult. so if someone has some great resources please reach out to me, because I want to do everything I can to make sure this page is accessible.

worm reading a book with the text bookbug club next to it button

owl next to the text vashti buton rabbit next to the text maple @ bookbug button sign that says inkcaps with floating yellow lights button ua's sanctuary button tsumugsfish now! text button manyface looking 70s button axe inside a triangle with daughter of blitis around it button button get cubed inside a cube button pink gameboy button cybernetic dryad button blinking text next to a smiling creature button the observer button aubr button 10KPH next to a pc button neo's corner next to a star with a person smiling button scarecrowkid text ontop of a row of sunflowers button virtual dreamland text with an image of a person's eye and hair button godza in cursive text button an illustrated eye button lazybones inside a bone button komichi with angel wings button not prince hamlet button chrysanthemum next to a flower button fairygore button pudoweb button finnialla button tehuan button swiftred with a butterfly inbetween swift and red button error mine next to an otter button moira button elio button snew text next to a -sona button firozah button null space with a big O crossing out in between the words null and space button linwood next to a smiling person button milkteamoon next to a crescent moon site mascot popping up then text moondusted comes down books with the text catgiri @ bookbug in front