This website is ever changing and expanding. I'm trying to learn how to code accessibility functions, so please bear with me. There is also javascript throughout, but will try and limit the amount. Some pages are mobile accessible, but using firefox, 1920x1080 and 80% zoom out is how I mostly access it (but have used chrome, 1920x1080 and 100% zoom works too.)

Hello~, welcome to my website! A peak into my mind. I'm Missy, queer disabled Australian. Writer, nerd and has too many crushes on fictional characters.

The purpose of this site is where I will house a few things. Primarily, it'll be where my writing portfolio will go. I write sci-fi and urban fantasy fiction, but also a non-fiction writer as well as a games journalist.

But, I'll also host my hyperfixations and general interests too. So, have a seat, read some of my works, maybe read about what is going on in my life. if you want to be friends, reach out, I'm always down to meet new people!

While I'll do my best to keep this site SFW, some triggering content as well as swearing might show up. I will mention ahead of the piece if it includes that sort of content. With that said, you've been warned. If you seek out upsetting topics and get ... upset, that is not my problem. It's up to you to decide whether or not you are in a good place to read said triggering content.

In the long run, I can't tell you what to do, I'm not your dad. But if you find yourself upset by what you see here and you didn't head my warnings? then that's not my fault. But if i forgot to mention something that is triggering, please do let me know! i'm forgetful and sometimes i miss things, we're human.


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  • fix up the whole site tbh
  • add accessibility (freezeframe)
  • add sitemap
  • add credits
  • edit about me
  • look into light mode/changing fonts (for dyslexia)
  • try to make things mobile friendly
  • writing resource page
  • shrines: sharks, space, mass effect?, joe keery?, the beatles?
  • scrapbook a la hillhouse
  • gamelog a la aquariumaesthetic
  • make an ephemra page for all the stuff i find online + aliexpress stuff i buy and want to save
  • make the bookbug page