this website will be pretty image heavy/gif heavy. i'm slowly learning how to code including accessibility functions. so please bear with me! thank you!

hello~ i'm not entierly sure how everything should really be set up here. it's been a LONG time since i've created a website with html and everything! so forgive me if i'm a bit rusty.

basic info about me is that i'm missy, i'm a queer disabled australian who feels like they're 85 years old (in reality, they're 28). i'm a writer, and this is going to be where i house my writings. i'm primarily a sci-fi and urban fantasy writer (with interests in a lot of sci-fi sub-genres), but i also write non-fiction stream of conciousness stuff.

i've been published in a few places, mostly magazines and such, but it's still pieces i'm proud of to this day.

have a seat, read some of my works, maybe read about what is going on in my life. if you want to be friends, reach out, i'm always down to meet new people!

while for the most part this site is SFW, there may be triggering content, swearing, etc. i will mention ahead of the piece if it includes that sort of content. you have been warned, if you seek out upsetting topics and get ... upset, that is not my problem. it's up to you to decide whether or not you are in a good place to read this stuff. in the long run, i can't tell you what to do, i'm not your dad. but if you find yourself upset by what you see here and you didn't head my warnings? then that's not my fault really. but if i forgot to mention something that is triggering, please do let me know! i'm forgetful and sometimes i miss things, we're human.

also, i don't have a do not interact list. it's more of a general thing where if you're a bigot of some kind. you won't have fun here.

like my site? you can take my button! just please rehost it!