melissa looking at the camera with a smile, has bright pink hair, glasses and a black t-shirt
Age 28
Zodiac Cancer / Aries / Capricon
Pronouns they/them (
MBTI infj
Alignment chaotic neutral

heya! the name's missy!

i'm a late 20s person who stays up too late, hyperfixates on things and is a little bit too in love with fictional characters.

my day job is in customer service, so dealing with people is kind of my thing. but, i also write as my main "thing". i've been writing ever since i was a kid, i even studied it for university. it's been a big part of my life that i don't know how who i'd be without it!

i've been using the internet for years, so i'm used to coding, making websites, the likes. my first foray into creating websites was on a little site called piczo. i also used things like myspace and livejournal too. i was even ICT captain in primary school. so i've been knowledgable around computers and the internet.

other things i do, i'm a games journalist with checkpoint gaming, where we give a "1up" to diversity. checkpoint gaming is also a radio show on JOYFM, the first and only LGBTQIA+ community radio station in australia. most of my reviews revolving around accessibility. so it's something that i cherish with all of my heart.

other hobbies i partake in is knitting, playing video games (even though it's also part job too), reading books + comic books, watching tv, participate in fandom, creating gifs, reading fanfiction.

my intentions and plans for this site is a place to put my fiction/non-fiction writing. i do write fanfiction, a bit too much if you ask me, but I won't be linking that here because i want to seperate the two. but, i feel like it's not too hard to find it, and if you really want to read it, send me a message, i'd be happy to share my fandom locations.

this is where i put cute things i find on the web, from stamps to more buttons/blinkies to userboxes you name it!




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